PUBG has been adding a lot of things to its PC/Console version of the game for some time. After introducing the new Sanhok map a couple of months back, it seems there is going to be an addition of another new map in the game.

PUBG new Vikendi map.

The map has actually surfaced on the internet in a video on YouTube, before its official release and one of the trademark features is the presence of snow on the map, which makes sense since winter is approaching. The new snowy map will be called Vivendi and it will be the fourth map that players can choose apart from the original Eragnel, Miramar and the recently introduced Sanhok map.

The map was teased earlier at E3 this year, but not much information was provided about it. The map is believed to be bigger than the Sanuk map but smaller than Eragnel.

We may see the map being released right alongside the debut of PUBG on the PlayStation 4. There’s no word on whether new guns and vehicles will be available on this new map.

Since the map has been announced for console and PC version of PUBG, we might also see it come to PUBG Mobile. However, we are not sure when.

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