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Srikanth Reddy Donapati

Meet Our Director

Srikanth Reddy Donapati

  • Qualifications:D. in AI & ML
  • Experience: With over 15 years of IT & training experience, Dr. Srikanth has worked as a software engineer at L&T InfoTech and served as an assistant professor at a well-reputed engineering college. His passion for education and technology led him to establish SRIKANTH TECH ACADEMY.

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  1. Industry Recognized Course completion/ Internship CERTIFICATE (FREE).
  2. AI-Prompt Engineering Course(FREE).
  3. ChatGPT & AI tools Productivity Booster course(FREE).
  4. Access FREE materials, books, and Recorded Videos(FREE).
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Our 6C Formula for Success:

  1. Collaborative Coaching.
  2. Captivating Course
  3. Supportive
  4. Real-world
  5. Industry-recognized Certification.
  6. Personalized Career Guidance.

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